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Rotary Packing Machine

Rotary Packing Machine

Model: MR8-200RH

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Function·Pouch Fill/Sealing Machine
Capacity(PPM)20~40bags/min(speed may vary with product characteristics, pouches  or other operation condition)
Pouch SizeWidth(mm): 80~210
Length(mm): 100~300
Filling Volume10-2000g(Depend on type of products)
Filling Product·Liquid



Package AccuracyError≤±1
Total power4KW(220V/380V,3PH,50HZ)
Compress air requirement≥0.6m³/min supply by user

Block: chocolate, candies, cereal, biscuits, cakes, puffed food, etc.

Granule: nuts, capsules, seeds, feeds, pesticides, fertilizers, etc.

Powder: seasoning, milk  powder, washing powder, fine sugar,etc.

Liquid/paste: detergent, juice, beverage, ketchup, jam

Pickles: carrots, etc. 

Features8 stations; wash down; retortable 
Noteswith weigher, overheadwork platform,
liquid filler or pump
serve both standard and spout pouch 

Features and Characteristics

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- The liquid, paste Packing system consists of a rotary packing machine and a liquid or paste filling machine
- A perfect quality ensures a speedy and stable production
- High quality accessories make machines surable and stable
- Waterproof system makes cleaning easier. colorful touch screen display, easy to operate
- The machine and the other devices make up a Packing system
- Provide an innovative and practical solution at reasonable costs
- A low material waste. The  machine adopts premade perfect-pattern pouch, with high-quality sealing

Standard Equipment Part

<-------- Can Move Left or Right -------->
1. Date printer
2. PLC control system
3. Pouch opening devices
4. Vibrating device
5. Cylinder
6. Magnetic valve
7. Temperature controller
8. Vacuum pump
9. Frequency convertor
10. output system

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