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Vacuum Packing Machine

Vacuum Packing Machine

Model: MR8-200ZK

<-------- Can Move Left or Right -------->




Pouch Type

Four-side seal bags, stand-up pouches , zipper bags, three-side seal bags, paper bags, etc.

Bags Size

W:60-120 mm L: 55-130mm

Filling Volume



40-60 bags/min 





compress air requirement

≥0.6m3/min supply by user

Applications :

 Puffed food , Candy , Biscuit , Peanut , Cookies , Pistachio, Crystal candy, Brown sugar , Daily commodities, Cooked food  , Pickles , etc.


Features and Characteristics:

 1. Quick change-over and automatic adjustment of pouch width

 2. The advanced design ensures a stable performance and a longer life of the equipment, and a lower rate of defective products.

 3. Comply with the sanitation requirements of food Packing equipment to ensure food hygiene and safety

 4. A low waste of Packing materials

 5.The machine adopts attractable premade pouches with a high-quality sealing,resulting in improved product quality and grades.

 6. Easy to Operate, with advanced PLC and POD (touch screen) electrical control system,


Work process 

 bag giving→date coding →bag opening →filling and vibrating 1→filling and vibrating2→straighten→to vacuum chamber

You can know more by the video :

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